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Remflex AMC 232 / 258 6-Cylinder RF10-003
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Price: $55.00

Remflex AMC 232 / 258 6-Cylinder RF10-003

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Remflex Exhaust / Intake Gaskets for 1965-1978 232 cid and 1971-1990 258 cid AMC 6-Cylinder
These are the BEST header and manifold gaskets available today!! They are made from a high-temp fiberglass core with a 100% flexible graphite body, a unique material that will conform to any shape. This allows the gasket to fill gaps caused by cylinder head corrosion or a warped manifold or header. These gaskets will NOT burn out. They can withstand temperatures over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit!!
The best part is that there is no re-torquing on these gaskets, install them and go!
Free Shipping!

  • Fits: 1965-1978 232 cid and 1971-1990 258 cid 6-Cylinder
  • 1-5/32" x 1-11/16" Square End Ports, (Intake to Exhaust Gasket Included)
  • Guaranteed to Never Blow Out!
  • Free Shipping in the US via Priority Mail

   2009 BNR Performance